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turrupiTTaa, turrupiTTaa, tOTakostaavaa, naa tOdunTaavaa!
Cast: Manjula

P. Susheela



vastaa, veLLostaa! maLLeppuDostaa? rEpu sandELakostaa!
Cast: Krishna, Manjula

S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela



talaki neeLLOsukoni kurulaarabOsukoni niluchunTe, nuvvu niluchunTe
Cast: Krishna, Manjula

S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela



mallepandiri neeDa lOna jaabillii, tellavaaraneeyakOyi ee rEyi
Cast: Jayanthi

P. Susheela



navvutU batakaaliraa, tammuDU, navvutU chaavaaliraa!
Cast: Krishna

S.P. Balasubrahmanyam



rEpalle vaaDalO gOpaaluDE, nandagOpaaluDE
Cast: Chandramohan

Madavapeddi Sathyam, Chorus


Munasabu Gangaraju (Nagabhushanam) is an evil man while his son Ramu (Master Ramu) is god-fearing and honest. Gangaraju kills Bala Brahmandanda Swamy (Padmanabham) and puts the blame on Mallanna (Krishna), but Ramu sees the murder. Now, Ramu is in a dilemma - if he tells the truth, his father will die, and if he does not, then an innocent Mallanna will die. This thus creates in the movie an interesting story line.

Satyanand talks about his debut film...
I am a nephew of Adurti Subbarao gaaru. So, since childhood, I saw stars and films and was always was fascinated by the glitz of the filmdom. After my graduation, I came to Chennai and started working with Adurti Subbarao. Actually he wanted to make a film like Sudigundaalu. The basic idea was that we teach children to tell the truth always, but we again ask them not to tell the truth at times. In such a situation, what'll be the child's mental state - this is the film's basic point. But, making a film wholly based on children is not commercially viable, and we thus started working on side characters, etc. 

Adurti gaaru was very busy with Hindi films at that time, as he was acting as both producer and director, and he was in financial troubles too. He got the rights for a Malayalam film and remade it as Darpan in Hindi, while also producing and directing the film Jeet, a remake of Poola Rangadu. Amidst such a situation, Krishna gaaru came forward and said he will do the film immediately. We initially planned the film in black and white, but Krishna gaaru said it would not suit Adurti gaari status to make the film in black and white and helped us do it in color! As Adurti gaaru was busy with the Hindi film shootings, he asked K. Viswanath to help him on the climax court scenes to shoot the film on his behalf, and Viswanath too gladly agreed to help out his guru. 

Manjula was in contract with MGR at that time. She did only one small role in Telugu by then, in the movie Jai Jawan (1970). Adurti gaaru went and asked MGR to release her from the contract so that she can act in our movie, and MGR kindly agreed. She didn't know much Telugu at that time, and I used to teach her Telugu during the shot breaks. After this film, she became very busy and became a top herione eventually. 

'Mama' Mahadevan was always the first choice for Adurti gaaru, and thus he was our choice, while Atreya gaaru penned most of the songs. The film was a big musical hit and songs like mallepandiri neeDalOna...navvutU batakaaliraa...vastaa, veLLostaa!... are remembered even now.

Tailpiece: Adurti's both Hindi films left him in debts, while the Telugu film rescued him and became a good hit. The film was distributed by Annapurna Pictures. However, in order to accommodate the ANR's film Marapu Raani Manishi, the distribution company took off this film on the 49th day in 14 centers, and again on the 99th day from Sudarshan 70 mm to give place to ANR's Premalu-Pellillu.

- By Sri Atluri


Movie: Mayadari Malligadu
Banner: Ravi KalaMandir
Presents: Padmalaya Movies
Reels: 16, Color 35 mm
Censor Date: September 07, 1973
Release Date: October 05, 1973
Duration: 2 hrs 30 minutes


Krishna ..Mallanna
Manjula ... Chandirka
Jayanthi ... Pankajam
Nagabushanam ... Munasabu Gangaraju
Saakshi Rangarao ... Karanam
Rajababu ... Officer Aishwaryam
Prasanna Rani ... Sarada
Krishnam Raju ... Public Prosecutor (Guest), Dhulipala ... Judge (Guest), Rammohan ... Defence Lawyer (Guest) Padmanabham ... Bala Brahmananda Swamy, K.V. Chalam ... Doctor Ramanayya, Ch. Krishmanurthy ... Constable Krishnarao, Kanta Rao (Guest), Chandramohan (Guest), Anjali Devi, Master Ramu, Mada Venkateswara Rao, Sarathi, etc.


Story: Adurti Kameswari Bala
Dialogues: P. Satyanand (Debut)
Lyrics: Acharya Atreya, Kosaraju Raghavayya Chowdary
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela, Madhavapeddi Satyam, Ramakrishna
Music Director: K.V. Mahadevan
Asst. Music Director: Puhazhendi
Asst. Director: P. Satyanand
Camera: K.S. Ramakrishna
Editing: Adurti Harinath
Producers: Adurti Harinath, M.S. Prasad
Screenplay, Direction: Adurti Subbarao