Seetharama Kalyanam (1961) - Titbits

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 23:00

Not many know that legendary actor Late NT Ramarao also directed many classics in Telugu cinema. Though general audiences remember him more as an actor par excellence but film lovers also acknowledge his great contribution to the growth of Telugu movies in the capacity of director.

He had directed about 15 films. The first film was Seetharama Kalyanam which was released on 6th January, 1961.

Some interesting tidbits about the movie..

  • Known for playing roles of Lord Krishna and Rama, NTR chose not play the role of Rama
  • Haranath who was just up and coming then as handsome hero was given the chance to play the role of Lord Rama
  • Shobhan Babu played the role of Laxmana
  • TG Kamaladevi gave voice to Geetanjali who did the role of Seetha
  • Despite the title, the movie centers around the character of Ravana, played by NT Ramarao
  • The film won National Award - Certificate of Merit for Best Feature Film in Telugu
  • Ravi Kanth Nagaiach made debut as cinematographer with this film who went on to become synonymous for trick photography in Tollywood
  • Though the movie is NTR’s first film as director, his name doesn’t appear in credits.