Star wars get murky

Monday, September 7, 2015 - 11:30

It’s a simple case of fans clash all gone wrong. The fan clash has now spiraled into a caste war in some areas of coastal Andhra Pradesh. The last few days these places witnessed fans setting flexi boards of filmstars on fire, pelting stones on houses and shops and fighting tooth and nail on streets.

Initially the clash was between Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan fans, but now Balakrishna’s fans have also got involved. Several fans of Pawan Kalyan from Chintalapudi in Duggirala mandal in Guntur district were taken into custody by the Police for allegedly tearing the flexi of Balakrishna on the occasion of Krishnashtami festival.

While in Eluru Balayya’s flexi which was put on his birthday were pulled down. Some flexis that had Balayya and his son Mokshagna’s pictures were brought down. Angered fans went to the police with a complaint that it was all Pawan Kalyan’s fans doing.

How did all this happen? Trouble brew on Wednesday, when Pawan Kalyan’s fans celebrated his birthday by putting banners in Bhimavaram town. This was done by putting Pawan’s banners on Prabhas starrer Baahubali posters. In return someone set Pawan Kalyan’s banner on fire. Naturally powerstar’s fans thought it was Prabhas fans work. When Pawan’s fans set Baahubali’s poster on fire, Prabhas fans went on streets and ransacked private properties. Both the groups resorted to stone pelting that resulted in damage to the glass doors of the two ATMs.

Pawan Kalyan, Prabhas and Balakrishna belong to differen powerful communities. Members of Prabhas community think that Pawan’s fans are not able to digest the success of Baahubali. Pawan’s fans on the other hand think that other heroes are already anxious of his success in the recent past and the threat they would be facing once Pawan’s forthcoming film Sardaar Gabbar Singh is released. Stars on their part have warned the fans not to indulge in such wars.