Sharwanand's Radha postponed to May!

First look of Sharwanand's Radha released

Nostalgia: A conversation with Chandra Mohan

Chandramohan is one artiste whom we have been seeing since most of our childhood. We have seen him in nearly all types of roles. An actor par excellence, he's one who came to films without any filmy background and is still working occasionally. Some of his contemporaries are nowhere seen in films, but he stills makes a mark on the screen. I always wanted to talk to him about his films and career, but was not sure how he interacts with people he didn't know. Finally, when I heard that he was in the U.S.A, I called him up.

Lady Amitabh's big break

A single movie can change the fate of a star. This has been proved many times in the history of movies. One such cult movie that made Vijayashanti as firebrand star was Prathighatana.

Released in 1985, Prathighatana established Vijayashanti as a star to reckon with. Media baron Ramoji Rao produced the movie based on some incidents that happened in Andhra Pradesh. T Krishna, popular for making movies based on the leftist ideology, was the man behind this sensation movie.

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