Dora - Movie Review

Three releases this weekend

Spine chilling Dora is unconventional, say makers

Sathyaraj: "I will be called Dora now"

'Dora', a horror-comedy directed by Dharani Dharan, is the dubbed version of 'Jackson Durai'. The film will hit the screens on July 1. Also starring Sibiraj and Rajendran, it has Bindhu Madhavi in the role of the female lead. The story takes place in a village which is haunted by two ghosts.The cop Sibiraj tries to solve a case and attempts to chase away the ghosts played by Sathyaraj and Rajendran. It is set in 1940s.

Days before the film's release, 'Katappa' Sathyaraj speaks on the film. Read on..

'Dora is a period horror'

Sathya Raj's Dora set for release on 1st July

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