Gabbar Singh

PVP mocks Bandla and supports Harish Shankar

Harish Shankar on all things: PSPK28, Bandla and more

“I don’t waste my time discussing a person who lacks credibility.”

“I feel sorry for Ganesh on forgetting his name, and for his baseless comments.”

“It is an honor to remake a movie that I like rather than ‘free’making it.”

“Dil Raju garu didn’t hide the fact he’s getting married again. Then why would I hide if I was present at the ceremony.”

Harish Shankar Vs Bandla Ganesh

PSPK28: Devi Sri Prasad comes on board

8 years of Gabbar Singh: Fans go in a frenzy

Devi Sri Prasad for Pawan Kalyan - Harish's film?

Pawan Kalyan - Harish film is not a remake!

PSPK28: Pawan Kalyan and Harish Shankar film announced

Harish Shankar to give a break to remakes!

Pawan Kalyan getting treated for spinal injury


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