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I am blessed to be part of ONV: Nagarjuna

KRR: Tirumala will be seen in new perspective after ONV

As 'Om Namo Venkatesaya' hits the screens on Feb 10th, K Raghavendra Rao (KRR) in this interview talks about why he thinks youngsters will love it, why the title is not 'Hathi Ram Baba', what he wants to achieve through his direction lessons, and more.

Not much is known about the Hathi Ram Baba legend. Is it reality or fiction that you have made?

Nagarjuna talks about Om Namo Venkatesaya

Nagarjuna's 'Om Namo Venkatesaya' will hit the screens on Feb 10th. In this interview, the experimental actor talks about how he approached the role of a Balaji devotee, his 100th movie, his sons' films and more.

'ONV' is an imaginative story-telling. How did you approach the role?

I totally relied on the vision of K Raghavendra Rao garu and JK Bharavi garu. The story starts when he is all of 8 years old and is told till he reaches 50. Unlike Annamacharyulu, who was a literary genius and was sophisticated, Baba's characterization is not on those lines.

Nag: I am not thinking about my 100th film

Om Namo Venkateshaya Premieres on Feb 9

Great India Films is happy to announce that Om Namo Venkateshaya is tentatively scheduled for premieres on Feb 9th all across the world. Censor is scheduled for Feb 1st and movie will be premiered on Feb 9th.

We are happy to announce that below individuals have acquired the rights for the respective territories.

Pragya full of life, says Nag

Has Nagarjuna turned spiritual?

Om Namo Venkatesaya on 10th February

Om Namo Venkateshaya zeroes on Feb 10!


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