Prema Ishq Kadhal

Real couple in Bigg Boss 3: Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru

I prefer doing commercial movies: Sadineni

Pavan Sadineni catered to a particular segment of audience with his debut film 'Prema Ishq Kaadhal'. But now, the young director aims to expand his horizons. After borrowing the title 'Savitri' from D Suresh Babu, Pavan had second thoughts.  But, as luck would have it, he had an ego-less hero in Nara Rohith, who encouraged him to retain the title, regardless of the fact that the title sounds like a female-centric film. In this interview, the director talks about the premise of the film, why he chose Nandita Raj, why he thinks Rohith is the Venkatesh of this generation, and more.

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