Small films for OTT, biggies for theaters

The coronavirus pandemic is going to change the movie business completely in the coming years. Digital streaming companies and direct OTT releases are here to stay.

Small-budgeted movies or films made with stars who don’t have crowd-pulling abilities will not find theaters at all in the coming days. They may have to completely skip the theatrical route. Direct to OTT is the safest way for them. 

The theater release may suitable for only big-budgeted movies or films that have big and medium-range stars. These cannot opt for direct digital release due to economics.

While Tollywood is still struggling to understand the new scenario, trade analysts the business model has already been changed. Those who don’t embrace the changes will be wiped out from the business, they say.

Just wait and see, how several medium-range films will announce their direct OTT releases in August and September.