Lockdown Cooking: Shruti Haasan's Bendakaya pachadi recipe

Sunday, April 19, 2020 - 15:45

Shruti Haasan has now become the celebrity chef during this lockdown period. Her fans are eagerly waiting for different recipes from her. She has regularly been sharing recipes of home-made delicacies. Here is the latest one - Bendakaya Pachadi (Chutney with Okra aka Ladies Finger).

Find out how to make this Bendakaya Pachadi. Follow her recipe to try it at your home but hers will be spicier because she likes ‘extra kaaram’. She posted, “Bendakkai pachadi. I absolutely loved loved this !!!!! I always add extra chillies. cause I love extra Kaaram.”

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- Bendakayas
- Tomatoes
- Onions
- Chilies
- Spices
- Oil
- Salt

How to prepare it…? Check the video…