First Week Collections: Saaho collects Rs 74 Cr in AP & TS

Prabhas starrer ‘Saaho’ that created a storm at the box office in the first three days has finally turned out to be a flop by the end of the first week. This Prabhas starrer action drama has collected Rs 74 Cr from AP and Telangana, which by normal yardstick is huge but because the movie had been sold for record prices, this collection is not enough to recover the money. Moreover, the collections in the last two days have drastically fallen. Even if the movie picks up in the coming weekend, it has a huge gap to cover to reach the break-even stage. So, distributors have already come to the conclusion that ‘Saaho’ is an expensive failure.

All in all, 'Saaho' is looking at staggering losses in Telugu states.

In overseas, the film has grossed a whopping 9 lakh dollars in Australia but it has collected just $2.8 million in key the USA market. It is a disaster in the USA. In the Gulf region, the Hindi version has posted strong numbers. 

While the Telugu version in the Telugu states had collected Rs 74 Cr (share) in the first week, the Hindi version has collected Rs 115 Cr (nett) in India. The Hindi version is heading towards hit status. 

Saaho - First Week (All versions)
Telugu States - Rs 74 Cr
Hindi (India) - 67 Cr (Rs 115 Cr Nett)
Karnataka - Rs 15 Cr
Tamil - Rs 6 Cr
Malayalam - Rs 1.40
USA (all languages) - Rs 11 Cr
Rest of Overseas (all languages) - Rs 15
Total Worlwide First Week (share) - Rs 189.4 Cr

Box-office  Summary

Telugu version Flop
Hindi version Hit
Tamil Disaster
Malayalam Disaster