From 'Baahubali' to 'Kabali': It's raining millions

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 11:15

Minting dollars by dime a dozen since last July. We are talking about the unprecedented grossing that South Indian movies, especially 'Baahubali' and 'Kabali', have achieved in the last twelve months in the overseas market of USA. What was thought impossible just till a year ago, is now a reality, prompting trade pundits to sit up and take note of the growing BO stamina of South Indian big-ticketers. It's a blitzkrieg kind of thing, so to speak.

1. Baahubali - 7.2 M

It all began with the release of 'Baahubali-The Beginning' on July 10 last. Just the Telugu version of the Rajamouli magnum opus collected USD 6.9 M, and USD 7.2 M (if the Tamil version's collections are included). This one announced the potential of a regional movie like no other one could have.

2. Kabali - 4.3 M

Taking the baton forward was the Rajinikanth gangster drama, collecting USD 4.3 M (both Tamil and Telugu versions combined), just by the end of the first weekend. If this is the highest ever for a Tamil film, 'Kabali' stands second as far as South India is concerned.

3. Srimanthudu - 2.9 M

'Srimanthudu', despite the fact that it hit he screens twenty days after 'Baahubali', scorched the overseas BO no less by collecting a whopping USD 2.9 M during its run in the USA. Months later, 'Nannaku Prematho' would go on to collect USD 2.1 M during its run. That was how Sukumar - NTR duo ensured everyone took note of their stamina.   

4. A Aa - 2.4 M

If the above three films were big-ticket ones, the sucess of 'A Aa'. It has no big star but still which managed to mop up USD 2.4 M, thanks to Trivikram Srinivas' narration powers. The film hit the screens in June this year.

5. Nannaku Prematho - 2.1 M

Nannaku Prematho that was released early this year grossed 2.1 million dollars. The film was the biggest hit in NTR’s career so far. NTR who has couple of movies that grossed more than one million dollars in USA has surprised everyone with this massive success.

It goes without saying that South Indian cinema industry is a force to reckon with now! As many as five, 2+ Million dollars movies happened in just a year's gap. Altogether these five movies alone minted 19 million dollars.