Brahmanandam says no to retirement

Monday, February 1, 2016 - 10:30

Brahmanandam, who has done 1056 movies so far, is celebrating his birthday today (Feb 01) and the star comedian says he won’t be announcing his retirement from acting any time soon. Recently he had seen all his movies performing badly and faced flak for failing to evoke laughs. 
“I never claimed the movies that became blockbusters that I had acted in were because of my comedy. Same way, no one should attribute the failures of the recent movies to me. I heard that many people in the industry are telling everyone that I will be retiring this year. But that is not true. I will continue acting till I get chances,” he clarified.
Brahmanandam also dismissed the rumors that he has become too costly to bear and have been demanding too many extra comforts that burdening the producer.