'A Date With Anasuya' gets it right

Monday, August 15, 2016 - 11:00

From being a celebrity TV host to making a mark with this year's biggest sleeper hit, 'Kshanam', Anasuya Bharadwaj has made a mark of her own. In a year full of critical acclaim and offers going for her, 'A Date With Anasuya', her new chat show for TV9, is already one of her best outputs ever.

Putting the celebs at ease and bringing out their personality, the tall and confident diva has made the most out of Nani and Akkineni Akhil coming on her show. Asking questions related to their personal and professional lives in her characteristic style, Anasuya is poised to take the show to new heights.

With she herself having done a movie, Anasuya must be knowing the trade better of late. In the coming days, we may see her present celebs in their totality through her talk show.