Deepika Padukone in Shankar's Robo 2?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 18:45

There were reports that director Shankar finalized Katrina Kaif for his magnum opus, Robo 2 to star opposite superstar Rajinikanth. But given the fact that Katrina is no longer enjoying the popularity that she used to, his associates told him to opt for Deepika Padukone, the current reigning queen of Bollywood.

Although Deepika has paired up with Rajinikanth in Vikramasimha, the film was not a real feature film. Hence, Shankar recently approached Deepika and narrated the storyline to her in Mumbai.

Reports from Bollywood say, Deepika is excited to be in Shankar's film. Robo 2, a sequel to Robo, is to be made with a staggering budget of Rs 250 Crores. A big Bollywood hero will be playing villain role. A. R. Rahman will score the music. Srinvas Mohan who did the VFX for Baahubali is likely to be working on this movie along with the production designer Sabu Cyril who also worked for Robo.