Did this film sans remuneration, says Sundeep Kishan

Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 15:00

Sundeep Kishan, the much-happening actor,is back this Friday in 'Okka Ammayi Thappa'. In this interview, he talks about why the film is very special to him, what made him forgo his remuneration, whether it's an inspired film, where he stands in the industry today, and more.  

How has 'Okka Ammayi Thappa' come out? We know it was a difficult film to execute.  

The film was very difficult to execute. After listening to Rajasimha's story, questions arise about the execution. About 60 per cent of the story takes place on a flyover. We couldn't have shot all the scenes on a flyover. So, we shot only some portions and rest of them were shot in a set created in Annapurna Studios. We believed in the story and put our life into the film. I know many say this, but we have really put our life into this film. We did this because we believed it deserves to work.  

Coming to risking a lot for 'OAT', you didn't even charge remuneration. What made you go to that extent?

Someone has to make some sacrifices for a story like this to be made into a film. I gave up remuneration for 'Venkatadri Express'. I have done it again for this film. Not just me, even Nithya Menen demanded less.

What is your character like?

I play Krishna Vachan, a frank and socially responsible youngster. I am a mentalist, someone who can estimate the state of mind of the other person by observing the body postures. He meets Sathyabhama (Nithya) on the Hitec city flyover. Fun follows.  

So, is it a thriller or a love story?

I will tell you the story line. A boy and a girl, together with many others, are stuck in a traffic jam. A love story between me and Nithya takes place.  There is a bomb fixed somewhere. Does any of them know about it? What follows when it's known? That's the crux.

Rajasimha conceived 'Okka Ammayi Thappa' way back in 2007. The script must have undergone many changes.

The only change that happened was, it was Begumpet flyover which was the backdrop back then. He changed the backdrop to Hitec flyover. This is good because Hitec City has become a symbol of Hyderabad.

Where is the place for songs in this story?

There are five songs, actually. There are two duets picturized on me and Nithya. Don't think our movie is all serious and intense. It's a commercial film with all the right ingredients. A message is delivered in a very fun way. The many characters stuck in the traffic jam are a source of comedy and relief.

Whose idea was it to rope in Chota K Naidu?

It was the director's proposal. This screenplay needed a technician like him. First-time directors would like to work with him. Take the example of 'Kottha Bangaru Lokam'.

There is a speculation that 'Okka Ammayi Thappa' is inspired by the film 'Phone Booth'.

Honestly, I haven't even watched the film. Maybe, a couple of scenes in our film might bear resemblance to 'Phone Booth'.  
Wasn't Run a big disappointment?

It was. But what I am sorry for is that my favourite person Anil Sunkara didn't score a hit with my film. He has always been a pillar of support for me.  

Isn't it a dream-come-true to be working with Krishna Vamsi?

A big yes. The other day, I messaged something to Krishna Vamsi garu on Facebook when I realized that I had messaged to him six years ago, saying, 'Sir, you are my favourite. I want to meet you at least once'. Today, I am the lead in his film. When people ask me where I stand in the industry, my answer is, I am in a happy space. See where I have come.

What are your upcoming movies?

'Mayavan' with Lavanya Tripathi and 'Maanagaram' with Regina in Tamil. Both will be dubbed into Telugu. They will be followed by Krishna Vamsi's 'Nakshatram'. This is a lavish film which requires of me to physically strain a lot. I don't want to have any other commitments while doing 'Nakshatram'.