Hurt Linguswamy still hopeful on Bunny

Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 21:30

Director Linguswamy hoped to begin Allu Arjun's film from July. But he got clarity that it won't happen now. After months of waiting, Linguswamy has realized that Allu Arjun is going ahead with other director. Recently news came that director Harish Shankar will be directing Allu Arjun's next film. 

Linguswamy is hurt by Allu Arjun's decision but still he doesn't want to rub Bunny on the wrong side. Linguswamy informs that for now this wont be happening anytime soon. But he assured that this film will definitely start work early next year. 

The director has now become busy with the sequel of 'Pandem Kodi' with Vishal.

Will it really materialize next year as Linguswamy is saying? We have to wait for 2017.