I am not right for Tollywood, says Taapsee

Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 21:30

Tapsee is back in limelight. Lawrence directed 'Ganga' has put her in focus. The movie is a hit. She was not just a glam girl in the movie but exhibited her acting skills. Basking in the success of 'Ganga', Tapsee spoke in candid manner about her career in a recent interview to a English daily.

For years, she was tagged as non-performer. Looks like she is deeply hurt by this attitude of the movie industry and retorted, "Can you believe this? I had to play a ghost to make people believe that I can act."

Tapsee, these days doing more movies in Bollywood and Kollywood but not in Tollywood. "But don’t blame me for that," she snaps. Which actress would deny films in Telugu, she asks. I am not getting offers from Telugu producers, Tapsee says frankly."Maybe, I'm not talented enough to be part of Telugu films and funny thing is that I don't even know what I'm lacking."