Jhanvi needs time to decide!

Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi has no plans for foraying into films now. These rumours have been there for quite sometime. Sri has been putting them to rest, yet they refuse to lie low.

Sridevi has clarified that he daughter is concentrating on studies for now and she is not aware for her daughter’s interest in films.  But we can’t stop but wonder why Jhanvi is accompanying Sri for most of the filmy function.

That’s just because her daughters love being with her. Sri is back in the limelight and her daughters are just enjoying the glitz. Mommy dear reasoned that if she wanted her daughters join films, she would be hiding them and not exposing them. She would have kept her at home and groomed her till her debut and then introduced her to the world, with that said Sridevi silenced all speculations.