Offers dried up for Brahmi

Monday, October 26, 2015 - 10:00

Can you believe that Brahmanandam has not much work to do right now? Once producers used to queue up for his dates and were willing to accept all his whims and fancies. But as we come to end of this year, offers have dried up for him. He has become yet another actor in the industry, no longer the much-in demand star that he used to be. 
At one time, no movie would go to the sets without Brahmanandam. Even top heroes like Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan dreaded to make a movie without giving a prominent role to the comedian Brahmi as he played key role in the success of some of their biggest hits. But as the audiences have started feeling déjà vu with Brahmi's comedy and his forced comedy track in every movie becoming routine, filmmakers have started filming movies without Brahmi and luckily they delivered biggest hits too. 
Just take a look at the hits that came this year which had no role for Brahmi. Pataas, Temper, Baahubali, Srimanthudu, Rudhramadevi, etc. All are or super hits or blockbuster. 
So the filmmakers are confident that they don't need Brahmi. Only if they want they are approaching him, not for commercial reasons. Good sign for the industry, bad for the great comedian.