Police book case on TV actress Sree Vani

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 19:00

A police case was filed against TV anchor and actress Sree Vani. Sree Vani is popular for TV series 'Chandramukhi' and 'Kotta Prema Modalaindi'. According to Vikarabad police, her sister-in-law Anusha filed case on Sree Vani for intimidating and threatening her. Police say Anusha is alleging that Sree Vani and a gang of rowdies have dismantled her house and tried to attack her when she refused to give the land papers. 

Anusha's husband (Sree Vani's brother) passed away recently. And Sree Vani, as per Anusha's statement, set eyes on the house and a land in Parigi town near Hyderabad. When Anusha refused, Sree Vani dismantled the house and attacked her said Anusha.