Pranitha performs stunts without body double

Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 09:15

Just wait till you get a load of young Pranitha stellar actions in Dynamite. When the stunt director Vijayan came up with an action sequence for the lead actress Pranitha Subhash, she refused a body double and rehearsed the stunts herself in Dynamite. 

Pranitha Says, "There were times when I arrive on set, my co-star Vishnu would be rehearsing for his stunts, watching him do those intense scenes raised my adrenalin levels and challenged me to meet Vishnu's performance standards."

She added "At times, I was just amazed looking at the way Vishnu was doing stunts. He was amazing with his dare devil stunts. I enjoyed doing the stunts with him. He was very patient and supportive." Pranitha's action will surprise the movie goers with her stellar performance alongside Vishnu‎ for Dynamite which will hit the theaters worldwide on September 4.