Rajamouli shoots down 'rumors' about Baahubali 3

Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 17:45

Director Rajamouli says Baahubali is going to be concluded with just another part. Means Baahubali's story will end with the part 2.

With reports about part 3 of Baahubali have appeared in media, he posted his views about it on twitter. He tweeted: "Many rumours on Baahubali-3..:) The story will conclude with part-2. No dragging..but the world of Baahubali will continue in a way that's been never experienced before ever. Will reveal the details when appropriate.don't believe the rumours. Only I know what's going to come..:)."

We don't know how the world of Baahubali will continue when there is no part 3 for Baahubali and what his plans are. Let's wait for his next announcement.
Rajamouli is super excited with the success of Baahubali worldwide and wants to set more records with the new sequel that is going to begin from December 2015.