Samantha ready to quit Tollywood?

Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 09:15

Samantha has made another sensational comment. Earlier the actress was ready to quit films at 30. This was because she did not want to be too old when her kids are in their teens. The latest from the actress is that if she fails to get good roles in Tollywood then she is game to quit films.

2014 hadn’t been a good year for Samantha. She had promised herself that she would do roles with substance in this year. Author backed and meaningful roles were her preference. If she doesn’t get this she would leave Tollywood for good the actress has decided.

Presently, her movie with Vikram is one solid film that meets her specifications. Let’s see post her announcement if she will get any meaty role. She has agreed to do two movies in Telugu - Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam and Trivikram-Nithin’s movie next month.