USA: Kabali shatters all records, collects $ 2 million

Friday, July 22, 2016 - 17:45

Earth-shattering collections are being reported everywhere. The movie broke all records in USA for an Indian movie. It grossed two million dollars ($2 Million) with premiere shows alone.All the pre-release hype and the star power of superstar Rajinikanth has made the audiences throng the theaters in USA. The earlier record was Baahubali's. 'Baahubali' grossed about 1.3 million dollars with premiere shows.

Unlike 'Baahubali', this isn't graphical extravaganza and it doesn’t have a big director. Pure crowd pulling power of Rajinikanth did the wonders. The movie now received bad talk, and reviews are not encouraging reviews. It remains to be seen how it would fare over the weekend.