Vikram to team up with Bunny and Mahesh

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 16:30

The success of '24' has made Vikram Kumar sound all the more confident. Saying that he will do a prequel to the film (the prequel will tell the back story of Athreya and his scientist-brother, that is, how Athreya's evil eye fell on the watch to be invented by his genius bro), Vikram says that his next two films are going to be the much-written about bi-linguals with two Telugu superstars.  

Yes, he is currently engaged in developing two concepts - one each for Bunny and Mahesh Babu - into full-fledged scripts.  In his latest interview, the director of class has said that both the heroes have liked the concepts he narrated to them.  "It will be Allu Arjun's movie first and then, Mahesh Babu's.  The narration will be a major highlight of these films.  While being commercial, they will be novel," he said.  

The director has said that Nithya Menen and Samantha are like his lucky charms.  Remember that 'Ishq' and 'Manam' were big hits in Telugu.  '24' features both these actresses.  "It's very difficult to please Nithya Menen," he adds.  Two months ago, he started penning the prequel to '24'.  "The audience are going to be even smarter when they watch it.  I have to surprise them more.  I have to think beyond what the audience are thinking," he adds.  

About the scene where Mani's character stumbles upon the watch for the first time, Vikram says, "It was important to show what the functions of the watch are in a way even children can understand.  The scene should be entertaining at the same time while not being like an instruction manual."  

He says that if his mother loves his film, it means he has covered 90 per cent of the audience.  "She watches a lot of TV serials.  That element was there in '13B'," he says, adding that he was heavily influenced by 'Back To The Future', the sci-fi film from Hollywood.