Actress Navya Swamy recovers from COVID-19

Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 15:30
Navya Swamy

Navya Swamy, one of the popular actresses in Telugu TV world, has recovered from COVID19, after getting treated at her home. She was not admitted to the hospital for treatment. 

Navya Swamy plays lead roles in popular serials like ‘Aame Katha’ and ‘Naa Peru Meenakshi’. 

“I am back. I am out of quarantine and doing better than before,” she posted a video on her social media handle. Navya Swamy also thanked all her fans for lending support as she gained the courage and strength from their positive words and encouragement.

While shooting for a TV serial last month, Navya Swamy had tested positive for COVID19 and she immediately went for isolation at her home. She took medicines with a doctor treating her by phone. She took a healthy food, followed all the guidelines for isolation. More importantly, Navya Swamy fought it with confidence.

Navya Swamy

She said anyone can overcome this if they don’t get panic and follow the advice of the doctors.