Largo Winch director slams Saaho director

Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 22:15

In our review, we have mentioned that the basic plot of Prabhas starrer ‘Saaho’ is an exact copy of the French thriller ‘Largo Winch’. This is not the first time that a Telugu film copied this plot. Director Trivikram’s ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ was also based on that. Strangely, despite the flop of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’, Prabhas and his producers had allowed this film to be made. Even worse is that they proudly proclaimed that director Sujeeth had written a great script during the movie’s pre-release promotions. 

Having read the media news tat ‘Saaho’ is a copy of ‘Largo Winch’, the French film director Jerome Salle took to Twitter to slam Sujeeth. He tweeted, “It seems this second "freemake" of Largo Winch is as bad as the first one. So please Telugu directors, if you steal my work, at least do it properly? And as my "Indian career" tweet was of course ironic, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be able to help.”

Critics gave low ratings to this film. But ‘Saaho’ weathered negative reviews and bad word-of-mouth. It is running exceptionally well at the ticket window. 

However, the fact remains that Sujeeth’s act of plagiarism will haunt him in the future.