Nayanthara on Hyderabad encounter: A right act of humanity

Saturday, December 7, 2019 - 16:15

Film celebrities are continuing to praise Telangana police in Disha’s case saying the justice had been served.

Even though the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has begun conducting an inquiry into the encounter of four men suspected of raping and murdering veterinary doctor Disha, celebrities are backing the police. Police on Friday killed the four perpetrators as they tried to flee’ from the spot of re-construction near Chatanpally. Shadnagar.

Actress Nayanthara in a letter termed Telangana police as the real heroes and she praised them for serving the justice hot.

Here is the text of her letter...

“Justice is good when served hot. 
What's been a cinematic phrase so far has become the reality today and the real heroes - Telangana Police have proved it with their action. I would call this "A RIGHT ACT OF HUMANITY". 

Every woman of this country can mark this date in the calendar as a day of true justice. Speaking about humanity, it's all about respecting, showing love and compassion towards all with equality. 

More than rejoicing over the justice served, it is a moment to enlighten and educate the children, especially boys at our homes imparting them the message that men become the hero when they make this planet a safe place for women.”