Nithin's Nani-method costing him dearly

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 09:30

Nithin wanted to follow the footsteps of Natural Star Nani in releasing more films in a year. Nani regularly releases two or three films in a year. Nithin did the same and put three films under production at a time. But the planning went haywire. Added to that, the coronavirus has aggravated the situation.

He scored a huge hit with ‘Bheeshma’ early this year and planned to release ‘Rang De’ during summer and Yeleti’s ‘Check’ in December. Even before these films wrapping up their shoot, he launched the remake of ‘Andhadhun’ under his home banner.

Due to coronavirus, all these three films are now stuck in various stages of production, thereby increasing interests taken on the finances.

Besides ‘Rang De’, ‘Check’ and ‘Andhadhun Remake’, he has also announced ‘Power Peta’ but luckily he didn’t take the latter to the sets. But interests on the borrowed finances in those three films would increase.

‘Rang De’ at the best may release in December this year or early next year. But Yelet’s ‘Check’ will have to wait for summer 2020. The film began its regular last year. 

The coronavirus outbreak has made actors, and producers, it is not advisable to launch two or three films at one go.