Parannageevi song, a counter to RGV

Monday, July 20, 2020 - 22:45

‘Parannageevi’ is the latest satirical film that is a counter planned by fans of Pawan Kalyan against Ram Gopal Varma. Since Ram Gopal Varma made a satirical movie titled ‘Powerstar’ on their matinee idol, Pawan Kalyan’s fans have come up with this ‘Parannageevi’.

The first song from the film ‘Parannageevi’ is out. We must say the song is as bad as Ram Gopal Varma’s songs are. Perhaps, it was intentional though. Ram Gopal Varma croons songs with his harsh voice that suits only ghost stories. 

This satire song takes on RGV with lines like ‘Talli Chelli Teda Ledu Sarvam Nikrustam…Jeevi Nirjeevi’.