Saptagiri ready for anything, any role!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 - 17:15

Saptagiri is another comedian who has lost a lucrative career in chasing the ‘hero’ dreams. But he is quick to realize his folly. After losing great opportunities as a comedian, he is repenting. Saptagiri is sending a message to all the directors and producers that he’s still available for comedy roles or any characters. Please, remove the misconception that I play only hero roles, he requests. 

He is now ready to do any role.

After hits like ‘Venkatadri Express’ and ‘Prema Katha Chitram’, Saptagiri’s career as a comedian saw a huge jump and in no time he became one of the busiest artists in Tollywood. However, consumed by the dream of playing lead roles, he lost the chances. 

Directors and producers have stopped approaching him for comedian roles. On the other hand, the ‘hero’ roles have not helped much in his career. He signed up ‘hero’ roles when they came on his way but now he is back to comedy roles.

On the other hand, Saptagiri has helped production managers financially who have seen a setback with no work during this lockdown period. He, however, is not seeking publicity for his noble act. He has silently helped them.