TV actor Ravikrishna tests positive for corona

Saturday, July 4, 2020 - 00:15

Yet another Telugu actor has tested positive for COVID 19. Actor Ravikrishna, who had participated shoot along with Navya Swamy, who is already under home quarantine after getting tested positive, has also tested positive for corona.

However, Ravikrishna said he doesn’t blame Navya Swamy or anyone. He urged people not to show discrimination against corona positive patients.

“I've already isolated myself since 3 days, but with all your blessings & God's grace I'm doing fine & have no symptoms. I don't want to worry about from where I picked it up. All that I want to say is whoever were in contact with me off late to please isolate yourself or get tested & act accordingly. And I also request few of you not to stigmatize & discriminate people with virus. Please let me stay in good mental health, away from negativity & heal faster,” he posted message on social media.

Ravikrishna is the fourth actor in the Telugu industry who has tested positive for corona after the shootings resumed recently.

He also participated in ‘Bigg Boss 3’