Akhil about Akhil

Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 19:15

Even before his debut movie hit the screens, Akhil Akkineni has won great fan following among youth with his good looks and batting skills at celebrity cricket games. He is also popular as celebrity model. As his maiden movie, Akhil, is releasing on November 11th, he met the media and spoke at length about his movie..

Looks like you are under stress.

Since the movie got postponed in the last minute, I faced stress. But now I am very excited as the movie getting released. I am nervous yet very exited at the same time.

Many say you could have avoided the delay with better planning. Your comment?

True, but this was unexpected. We didn't expect that the CG guys would not meet our requirements before Dussera. If we were aware of this, I would have announced the new date back then.. What I have learned from this incident is that if there is CG work in my future films, I should take extra care about it before announcing the release date. But anyhow, all is fine now. The output is terrific. As they say all is well that ends well.

Rumors were rife that you were disappointed with your father's decision. True?

They are baseless and silly. I too read some articles about differences with my father. In fact, today we are happy because of my father's planning and extra care. When we were in panic stage, with his experience he guided us well. I actually thank my father for everything.

Vinayak said that you fainted on the sets..

Not on the sets, it was during the rehearsals. I was under special diet to get abs (which I showcased in the movie). Since I had practiced the dance rehearsals for lengthy time with such diet, I lost the energy and felt dizzy for 10 minutes. I didn't faint, it was dizziness.

Tell us more about the movie and your role..

My role is a typical commercial hero role with cool attitude. More than the character, I got connected to the story of this movie which is very different.

Everyone is raving about your dances in the introduction song..

As I am debuting with this movie, everyone in the team felt that the first song should be special that can exhibit my talents. We wanted conceive it differently. I give credit for this song to my choreographer Johnny, art director Prakash, and my stylist Anisha Jain. We worked on the song for 12 days. That is why it came out well and everyone is talking about. The song is a bit lengthy one (more than 5 minutes).

Highlights of the movie..

The film will have never before seen action stunts. The major highlights of the film are the underwater episodes, a fight sequence in the climax and an action episode with a panther. We have used a lot of CG for these three episodes.

Are you ready to do multi-starrer movies?

Yes, I am always ready for acting in a multi-starrer movies, if I find the right story and a good co-star. In my view, the multi-starrers will enhance our Telugu cinema market.
Heard that you are debuting in Bollywood films?

I don’t have any Bollywood plans right now. Firstly, I want to establish my image here and then I’ll think about Bollywood.
 What are your future projects?

I am in talks with few other filmmakers and I’ll announce the details pretty soon. My main goal is to establish myself as a star hero in the industry.