Interview: Lavanya talks about her quarantine life

Monday, April 20, 2020 - 09:30

Among the actresses, Lavanya Tripathi was the first one to contribute money to the daily wage cine workers who have lost their earnings due to the lockdown period. She received praise for this noble act. Lavanya who made a debut in ‘Andala Rakshasi’ and has been part of blockbusters such as ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’, ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and the recent hit ‘Arjun Suravaram’ is now working in three films. 

In a chat over the phone, the actress responded about her life in quarantine and more. Read on….

You are the first actress who had donated money to the corona crisis charity, an initiative of Tollywood. What inspired you to respond immediately much before other actresses did?

Well, I just felt a sense of responsibility. I am what I am because of this industry and this is the least I could do by paying a certain amount to the people I have been working with. I can't compare with the actresses but I just did it what I thought was right. 

How are you staying positive in this quarantine period?

I am not the person who goes out everyday or parties so much. I love being at home but this time it is more like you cannot go out at all. 

Initially, I felt it was nice, it was nice talking to friends. But now I think I have gone in a complete mode of social distance online as well. Not logging into social media much these days. I am reading a lot of stuff and I am watching everything possible.

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Who are your companions to talk over the phone this lockdown time?

My friends, my mom, my family members. Normally I am not the person to talk on the phone but right now we have all the time and I am making most of it.

Did you catch any new movies or web series?

There’s this series called ‘Ozark’ on Netflix, which is about money laundering. I am really enjoying watching it.

Lockdown has been extended, who are the two people you'd want by your side now?

I would love to have my mom and dad next to me. They are in Dehradun and I can't go there to see them but I would love to have them next to me.

What do you indulge in at home during this period?

I indulge in cooking, a lot. I have a habit of munch on something while watching a movie or series. I can't tell you whether I am a good cook or not but I have got good reviews for my food preparations (laughs). I love cooking Chinese food.

What have you learned from this crisis?

I have learned that every moment, everything is so important. We should not waste even a second of our lives. Freedom is everything. Now we have come to understand how animals feel locking them down in a zoo. I am completely against zoos. We should not lock any animal.

What kinds of roles are you looking forward to doing?

The three films - A1 Express, the Tamil film, and Geetha Arts movie - that I have signed are the characters that I have always been looking forward to doing. All of them have fantastic stories as well. 

Tell us about what can we expect from your next films?

What you can expect from the next films is performances because I have decided that I will not sign anything until I am really into it, where I get to perform. This time, you will see more of my acting side.

Who is your best friend in the movie industry?

I don't believe in the tag of a best friend but you know there are friends who have become family. So I have a lot of people like that I can't just name one person.

Have you downloaded any games to amuse yourself?

Yes, I love puzzles. I have download a lot of puzzle games, of which ‘Room’ is my favorite. It’s a crazy puzzle, I love doing that.

If given an option to spend your quarantine with one person, who would you choose?

My sister because both of us have similar tastes. And also my friend Anita. Either of them! I don't see my sister every day so I would love to have her next to me. We are literally one person. We love watching things, talking, cooking and feeding other people so I think it would be great if I get the time to spend with my sister.