Allu Arjun unplugged!

Sunday, August 10, 2014 - 09:00

Other than acting, what other arts you like?
I like painting. I have been doing sketches and drawings for many years now.

What do you do in free time?
These days, I am checking my facebook page. Apart from that I listen to music and watch movies in theatres.

You are known for dances. Who is your favorite dancer?
Chiranjeevi uncle. No one can match him in graceful steps. He is like god to me.

Among your contemporaries?
NTR Jr and Ram Charan.

Best dancer among current heroines?

Films that you have watched more number of times?
Titanic. Indra in Telugu.

Who is your best critic?
My brother Sirish.

Directors that you die to work with..
Shankar, Rajamouli and Murugadoss.