I am not just a pretty face, says Anasuya

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 22:30

Better known for her sassy act on Television in the popular programs such as Jabardash, Anasuya today is most popular face in Telugu glitz world. Anasuya Bharadwaj has also proved her mettle as presenter and now is trying her hand in the movie world. In recently released ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ she wowed the audience as Nagarjuna’s maradalu. In PVP Cinema produced ‘Kshanam’, she has played a full-pledged role.

So you are bidding good-bye to TV world?

No, I never quit TV. The fame and popularity that I am now having is because of TV shows. I will continue to do hosting shows on TV even if I get busier as actress in movies.

You were offered to play in movies earlier but you didn’t accept. What made you to change your mind for ‘Kshanam’?

I was offered to play heroine roles in the past but I declined them as I was comfortable in my position in the small screen. Last year, I got offers in ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and in ‘Kshanam’. Adivi Sesh offered me this movie. When he asked me to do the role in this film, I thought he was offering me the Adah Sharma character but only later I realized that I was called to do the police officer role. Since it is a challenging role of a police officer, I agreed to try my hand at this. Also people have this perception that I am only pretty face, don’t have versatility. I wanted to prove the critics wrong, so I took up this.

Did you copy any other actress who played police officer for this movie?

I saw many films with police theme movies in preparation for this character but didn’t copy anyone.

Why did you accept a miniscule character in ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’?

Nagarjuna garu is my favourite person, so I couldn’t refuse though it was minor role. But I am glad that the movie became such a big hit and people have appreciated me.

You are married woman with kids. Do you think that audiences accept you as heroine?

Why not? Times have changed now. In Bollywood, all married heroines with kids are having great career. As long as I entertain them (audiences), they don’t bother about my marital status.

As you said everyone treats you as a glamour doll. How does your family react to your glam avatar?

My family has been supportive right from the beginning. Even my hubby is very understanding. I am very thankful to my parents and husband.

What are the next offers?

I am waiting for the result of ‘Kshanam’. Yet to accept new movies.

What kind of roles you are seeking for?

Any role that is challenging, that quells my glam doll image.