It's an Hora Hori for success: Teja

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 15:00

Director Teja is back with the film Hora Hori. Not long ago this director enjoyed fame and was in the league with big directors in the industry. He introduced actors Uday Kiran, Nithin, Navadeep, Sada and Nanditha. Popular music directors R P Patnaik and Anup Rubens were also introduced by director Teja.
But off late the director has been slow in the race. He is back in competition with the film Hora Hori and is also introducing two new comers in this film. This film is a love story which has been shot with a limited budget. The film talks about the psyche of youngsters with suicidal tendencies. It’s about people who want to end their life after falling in love.

Teja says that more than a film for him it is a fight for success in the industry.
Teja has shot this film in Augumbe, Karnataka a place that gets good rainfall in India. Shooting this film was quite a task for him as it was raining always. 80 percent of Hora Hori has rainfall as is backdrop. The crew was limited and everyone gave their 100 percent.
The cast of this film was selected through a talent hunt. His leading lady Daksha has done a couple of Tamil films. Dileep is selected as hero. Teja said Chaswa looks perfect for the villain’s role. When he met Chaswa for the first time he asked him to put on weight. Dileep, Chaswa and Daksha were trained by Ramanand.

Daksha did her own dubbing and has worked really hard in this film. Malayalam actress Seema has a vital role in the film.
Teja agrees that he has done some mistakes in his career. One of them is Nijam that starred Mahesh Babu. Probably the film would have worked had it starred a lesser known star. He has nothing against the top stars, but Teja thinks that they would not want to work with him now as he is not famous. Teja says that his films have strong women characters and heroes wouldn’t want to be a part of such films.