'Kshanam based on real incident!'

Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 20:00

Director Ravikanth Perepu who makes debut with PVP Cinema produced Kshanam says the movie is based on a real incident. As we have noticed in the highly appreciated trailer, the movie deals with the kidnap of a little kid.

"This story is taken from the real life incident that our hero Adivi Sesh witnessed. We made it into a fictional story with all the gripping elements. The narration and story would be very refreshing," says Ravikanth Perepu who hails from Vizag.

The movie stars Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma and Ansuya Bharadwaj.

The young director is extremely excited with the stunning response that the trailer has received. "Several stars who saw the teaser appreciated our team. Even Mahesh Babu garu liked it. I am glad to receive such encouragement from top personalities in industry. Like what you saw in the trailer, the movie is very gripping and has nail-biting moments. That is why we put the title that represents the theme," he informed.

Ravikanth also said that the movie was shot in 70 days and made on a limited budget. "Yet we haven't compromised on anything," he stresses. He also added that both PVP and Sesh have given him free hand in execution of the movie.

Ravikanth is born and brought up in Vizag and completed his graduation in engineering. Passionate about films from a young age, he moved to Hyderabad to become director.

Kshanam is set for release on 26th Feb.