Nara Rohith talks about Tuntari

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 08:45

Nara Rohit is one of the busiest actors in Tollywood now. With two films coming to the theatres this month, and four films on the sets, Nara Rohit has no time for any other thing. His pedannanna is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu but he scoffs rumors that he is getting offers because of his political connections. His ‘Tuntari’, directed by Kumar Nagendra’, is releasing this Friday (March 11). Here is a quick chitchat..

You have been doing one too many films simultaneously or quickly - Tuntari, Savitri, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe. Don't you get confused with all these?

(Laughs). There is no confusion. Each role is different. Moreover, I travel with my director. There is no confusion, but there is surprise while watching the final rushes. When I watched Tuntari while dubbing for it, I was like 'When did I shoot for these scenes?' (Smiles, again!).

Tuntari is a remake movie. Have any changes been made while adapting it?

In the original, Shivakarthikeyan is a mimicry artiste. In Tuntari I am not.  We have tried to up the emotional quotient here. The romantic track gets a greater share. 

Did you train for the role of a boxer?

I am not playing a professional boxer. I am a non-serious player here.  Boxer's role is just a part of the story. Some people have mistakenly believed that it's about boxing. 

You are a sought-after actor. Then why did you give Kumar Nagendra this opportunity despite him not delivering a hit so far?

‘Gundelo Godari’ received critical acclaim. ‘Joru’ may have flopped, but that doesn't mean that he has no talent. 

Since Tuntari, Savitri and Raja Cheyyi Vesthe are releasing in a span of less than 45 days or so, don't you think it will affect the business?

Nowadays, a film's lifespan is hardly two weeks. There is no much shelf life after that. ‘Tuntari’ will hit the screens on March 11. ‘Savitri’ will come on March 25. I think the spacing is adequate. Every film is unique.

Is it true that you will be acting in Balakrishna's 100th film?

Nothing is finalized as yet. If asked, I will be very happy to do even a small role. Even if the role appears and disappears during titles, I will do that.

Your hands are full with offers. Is it because of the political influence?

(Smiles gently). If that were the case, why would I work with new directors? I can get a film made by Rajamouli garu. 

In Tuntari, a Sadhu creates the newspaper of a future date.  If you were to ask for something from a Godman, what would it be?

I will ask for 670 days a year. (Laughs). 

Of late, some statements made by celebrities are becoming controversial. Why so?

There is so much of exposure now. Anything said will spread like wildfire. Remarks shouldn't be seen out of context. If the context is removed, the meaning gets distorted. 

What are your upcoming movies?

‘Pandagala Vacchadu’ is to be released in June. ‘Appatlo Okadundevadu’ and ‘Needi Nadi Oke Katha’ are getting completed. I am planning to finalize another six scripts later.