Rakul Preet Singh Unplugged

Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 16:30

Rakul is on the cusp of achieving huge stardom, what with her impressive lineup of movies at present. She started her career in a modest way; this beauty has stepped up the ladder of success swiftly and quickly and reached a comfortable position with the hits Venkatadri Express, Loukyam and Pandaga Chesuko.

Up for release is Bruce Lee, her biggest film to date. Says she, "this is the biggest film I have done so far and I am happy to be part of big league with this now."

Rakul Preet Singh celebrates her birthday on October 10th. "My best birthday present would be the success of Bruce Lee." Meeting the media on the eve of her birthday, the actress responds to all the queries posed to her without hesitating or being diplomatic.

Excerpts from the chitchat…

So you entered into big league now?

I am very nervous right now as the movie is getting closer to the release but let me first start thanking Sreenu Vaitla for making me a part of this big movie. I will remember Bruce Lee forever as this is my first big budget, big hero movie. Moreover, I have acted in a film that also has legendary actor Chiranjeevi garu. I would never forget this experience.

What is your character in the film?

I play Riya, who is video game designer. I prepare a game on Ram Charan who plays the role of a stunt man. Of all the roles I have done so far, this one is hyper role and also my look is quite different and very glamorous. Very glam but not vulgar, one can say a fashionable character. I talk a lot in the film. My look was designed with lot of discussion and it took more than 15 days for them to come to a conclusion.

Tell us more about the film…

Basically it is action entertainer but there is lot of romance and family episodes. It is power packed entertainer with all the masala elements that one expects from Sreenu Vaitla movie.

How tough was it to match Ram Charan in dances?

Working with Ram Charan was a great experience; he is very down to earth person. He is grounded, has no arrogance despite being such a big star. When you see his dance, you wonder whether he has bones in his body or not. He dances without any rehearsals, so I asked the team to give two days time for each song to practice before I danced with him so that I am able to match up to that level. He is such a fantastic dancer.

There is a talk that many heroes are uncomfortable with your height?

Who told you that? I am not that tall as everyone is talking about. Regarding Charan, he is an inch taller than me. The only issue is when I wear high heels; people get a feel that I am towering over some heroes. Charan is taller than me.

Did you do comedy in the movie?

Not much, but I talk in the movie without thinking and from this comic situations arise.

 What did Chiranjeevi gaaru tell you?

I was so exuberant when Chiranjeevi told me that he saw the rushes of Le Chalo and felt that I would go places. "I have to tell you that being gorgeous is one level but you are beyond that," he said but I don't remember what he said after that as I stopped listening to him. I was so happy and cloud nine getting appreciated from such a legend. I told him that it doesn't matter to me if I do not get appreciation from public or critics now as I got accolades from him.

How was it working with him?

I understood why he is a megastar when I saw his dedication towards acting though he was just playing a small guest character. On the first day he came to sets, he was with make-up ready by sharp 9am. He kept asking the technicians the latest developments, and even when director Srinu Vaitla okayed he would say let me do another perfect shot, not satisfied with average shot. Such was his dedication. I have learnt a lot from him.

Did he give any tips to you?

There is nothing like that he told me to do this or that. No tips but I have learnt a lot observing him and talking to him.

Rumors are that you have increased remuneration ?

I am getting what I deserve. My manager deals remuneration matters. They know what I should be paid. I am getting promotion with each film like you get hike in your job every year.

How are you going to celebrate this birthday? And can you tell us your age?

Ha…Ha. Don't ask any girl's age. I won’t tell you either. I will be busy promoting this movie on my birthday. It is a working day for me.

How did you feel when Shah Rukh Khan dropped on the sets and observed your dance?

Well, this is the second time that I met SRK. First he dropped on the set of Shimla Mirchi, my Bollywood movie. While we were shooting the title song for Bruce Lee, he came past midnight, and everyone from the sets was running to welcome him. Only Charan and I were left on the sets. Such was his craze. He was there for an hour or so and saw our dance steps. He appreciated Charan dancing like a spring.

What are the movies that you are doing right now?

Currently I have Nannaku Prematho with NTR on the sets as well as Sarainodu with Allu Arjun. From this December I will be slowing down. Last two years, I have not had a break either.

 Do you regret missing Brahmotsavam with Mahesh Babu?

 I could not adjust dates and I missed out, but that is okay. 

Who do you consider your competitor in the movie industry?

I don't believe in competition. I am not saying to be politically correct or being diplomatic. I need peace of mind, so I don't think about them much and burden myself. If you feel that I have improved as a person and in my acting skills even 5 percent with each film, I would consider that as the biggest achievement. I would strive for that not to compete with others. There is enough work for everyone. 

Who are your favorite actors?

 I like Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu.