Ram Charan – Chitchat

Saturday, October 10, 2015 - 21:15

Ram Charan is relieved man. His Bruce Lee has completed all production formalities and is gearing up for worldwide release on October 16th. He spoke at length about the film and his forthcoming projects. Excerpts from the chitchat..

So the movie is all set for grand release?

Yeah, all works are completed. It will release on October 16th.

What genre this film belongs too?

An entertainer with family sentiment. There is a good sentiment between a brother and a sister. Kriti played the role of my sister in the film. There is marked difference in Sreenu Vaitla’s style. It is story driven movie, no unnecessary tracks or deviations from the main story. Everyone will enjoy the movie.

The title suggests an action entertainer, but you are saying the film is more family entertainer?

Title was selected after much thought. Since it is catchy we chose and also it suits to the role that I play. Like Daddy’s movie Gangleader, the title may sound an action drama but film is a family entertainer with sentiment. I play a stunt master and my character’s name is Karthi.

Sreenu Vaitla has reunited with his hit writers – Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan for this film. It is said that you wanted them on board. True?

Yes, I took the initiative and asked them to work for the film. There is no one above the film. Vaitla has most successful combination with Kona and Gopi Mohan, so I asked them to work for this movie. It is Vaitla’s story but Kona and Gopimohan wrote a beautiful screenplay that would cater to all kind of audiences.

Will Chiranjeevi be seen in fight sequence or he will also be appearing in songs and scenes?

He will come at a crucial junction in the film when I am facing a trouble. It is a fight sequence. He will appear as the megastar Chiranjeevi, the real life character of a movie star that he is.  We wanted some big hero for this role and we are thinking various names but Vaitla approached daddy and convinced him to do the movie. Since it is a just cameo, not full-fledged role, he said it won’t be considered as 150th movie and came on to the sets.

Vaitla also planned a song on daddy but I insisted not to put it in this movie as I wanted he start doing dances from 150th film only. As producer of 150th movie, I objected to Sreenu’s proposal (laughs).

Heard that there is a scene in the Bruce Lee in which you both ride horses?

There is a small competition between us in the film, and I must say I could not match up to his energy when did horse riding. All the bigwigs of the movie industry came to the sets and surprised seeing him in such new avatar. He is almost looking the way he appeared at the time of Indra or Tagore. I designed his look for this film. It will be eye-feast for everyone.

You shared screen with Chiranjeevi garu in Magadheera too and the film broke all records. Fans are expecting the same with this…

I should not wish for beyond my capacity but it is a good sign and hoping that it would repeat the same. If it does, it is good for everyone – for me, for the industry and for the fans.

At the time of Magadheera you were just up and coming actor. Now you are top star, how is it now playing with him?

I enjoyed a lot this time acting with him as I am more comfortable with the camera. We had a blast on the sets this time.

So you are producing Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie?

Yeah along with my mother I am producing it. On Konidela Productions banner, it will be made. On this banner I will also be making movies with other stars in future. Then there is another banner White Horse, on which I will be encouraging movies with new talent. I have two production houses now.

When will it be launched?

We are planning to start regular shoot from January 2016. The official announcement about the movie would be made on 16th October.

You seem to be concentrating aggressively on Overseas market this time?

Yes, we are releasing in big way in USA. It is going to be released AMC Times Square theatres. Sudhakar is planning in good way.

Will you be attending the premiere of the movie in USA?
We are screening a special show on 15th night for blind children here, so I won’t be there in USA for premiere. But we are planning to attend some screenings later.

Tell about the movie’s music?

After Orange, this is the one album in my career that has become quite popular. All songs in the album are topping the chartbusters. Thaman has given superb tunes.

Heard that you underwent special training for Bruce Lee for action stunts?

This is not martial arts movie but I went there to overall body strengthening.

For the first time in your career, you are doing comedy?

I did act in entertainers in the past. Vinayak’s Nayak had its own share of comedy sequences but this one is light hearted entertainer.

What is your next film?

I am doing the remake of Thani Oruvan. Surender Reddy will be directing. We are planning to launch shortly. NV Prasad and Danaiah are producing it.

Who will be playing antagonist in the movie?

We are in discussions with several actors. Will be finalized after the release of Bruce Lee.

There are some complaints about your airlines company TruJet. Comment pls.

It is facing some teething issues. All are will be rectified. I am not involved in operations except that I am just a promoter and brand ambassador. But I can promise they will be solved shortly.

Is Gautham Menon film happening?

Yes, it probably will be launched next year. He told me storyline. It is a beautiful love story with some action elements. I like his kind of love stories.

When will you be doing a film for Pawan Kalyan’s production?

Already script work is going on. Sometime next year it will be launched. It will definitely be happening.

How much remuneration you are going to pay to the megastar?

He has to give me (laughs). On serious note, we are not going to make it on a big scale. There won’t be any budget restrictions. At this same time, it will be made with proper planning, no unnecessary expenditure.

Will you do another Hindi movie?

No such plans in the immediate future.

You joked about your Hindi debut recently at an audio function. Are you embarrassed with the movie?

I am not at all embarrassed with Zanjeer but I must admit it flopped miserably. I am proud of Orange though it was flop and I still defend the movie. I can’t do about Zanjeer though.