Savitri is a family entertainer, says Nanditha

Monday, March 28, 2016 - 23:00

Nanditha Raj of 'Prema Katha Chitram' fame in this interview talks about her film Savitri, where she plays a performance-oriented role. She fields questions on not bagging films with big stars, how she feels when her expectations fall flat, and more.

What kind of a film is 'Savitri'?

This one is a family entertainer. When Pavan Sadineni called me up and told me that he wants to narrate a story by name 'Savitri', I did not show any interest. Going by the title, I thought that it must be a female-centric role. As I am a fledgling actress, I did not want to risk acting in a female-centric film. But when he narrated the story, I felt that it is a family entertainer. I liked the story and gave the nod.

Tell us about your role..

I play a girl who is very eager to marry. She was born during a marriage ceremony. She likes to celebrate marriage functions with her family. Her marriage gets fixed to a guy. It is at this moment that Rishi (Nara Rohith) enters her life. If Savitri is the question, Rishi is the answer.  

Are you like Savitri in real life?

(Laughs) No, I am not like Savitri. I am a different kind of person in real life.

Any memorable incidents involving Nara Rohith that happened on the sets?

Rohith is very silent and doesn't talk much. I did not have much interaction with him. He is a no-nonsense guy who just does his work and takes leave. He doesn't involve in or interfere with others' work.

How was it working with Pavan Sadineni?

He is a very positive-minded person. As a director, he is just fabulous. I am not optimistic like him. So, whenever I do not think positively, he would try to impress upon me with his thinking.

Do you have any regrets so far?

Sometimes, things have not gone as I expected. For example, I had much hopes from 'Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini' and 'Shankarabharanam'. However, my expectations got overturned. I expected my fame to go up after those films.  I do feel sad when my expectations fall flat, but I try to come out of that.  

Despite having a couple of hits to your credit, why are you not getting offers opposite star heroes?

I don't know the reason why I am not being offered films opposite them. Everybody likes to do films opposite them.

Are you getting offers from other languages?

Yes, I have got a few offers from Kollywood. But I rejected them because of constraints with Tamil. I don't know the language.

What are your forthcoming projects?

I am listening to a couple of stories. I will let you know once they are finalized.