Oka Manasu

Naga Shaurya's actions contradicts his words

Niharika scores hat-trick flop

Producing films is my ultimate goal: Niharika

What made you wait so long to do your second film?

I was young and clearly didn't want to go the commercial way from the beginning. That was the reason I chose Okka Manasu which had a lot for me to perform. I have clearly decided that I will stay in the industry only for about five to six years and If I look back, every role I choose should be special and make me proud. 

If not for acting what do you want to do in life?

Niharika Konidela on signing spree

Niharika looking for more offers

Niharika looking for other language movies!

Madhura Sreedhar: "I am not being missed"

Oka Manasu: Collections are impressive

Oka Manasu trimmed by 14 minutes

Oka Manasu - Movie Review


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