Producing films is my ultimate goal: Niharika

Friday, July 27, 2018 - 09:45

What made you wait so long to do your second film?

I was young and clearly didn't want to go the commercial way from the beginning. That was the reason I chose Okka Manasu which had a lot for me to perform. I have clearly decided that I will stay in the industry only for about five to six years and If I look back, every role I choose should be special and make me proud. 

If not for acting what do you want to do in life?

I have made my own plans and would be producing my kind of films and create content online which is the next big thing. I am not sure whether I will still work after marriage but my production works will continue for a long time. As of now, we are busy making web series for television.

About the video which went viral about your wedding?

When the team approached me and said that they wanted to do a video which would help the film, I readily agreed and felt that it would create a good impact on my film. The same happened and there is nothing serious about the news in it.

Why are you choosing only new heroes and directors?

I am selfish in my own way as I feel that new directors have the responsibility to prove themselves and this is when they will showcase us in a superb manner. Coming to the heroes, my role is more important than the hero of the film. As I told you earlier, I want to make the most of my roles and do not care about the hero of the film.

What is your opinion about marriage?

I have a lot of respect regarding the institution of marriage as I have seen many successful marriages in my family. I too want to settle down but there is a little time for that as I am getting good offers now.

What made you accept this role?

I loved the way my character was written in a complex manner. The entire story revolves around me and how I behave with Sumanth Ashwin after marriage. These subtle changes and emotional depth of the script gave me so much scope to perform.

How do you react to gossips?

I am well prepared to deal with gossips. The moment I decided to join movies, the first thing Chiranjeevi garu and daddy said that as I am a heroine so much will be written about me which I should be very careful of. As long as the gossips are decent I don't mind. But when things get below the belt, I ignore them.

How hard is it to carry the mega compound tag?

It is like a two-edged sword as there are pros and cons. The fans support and instant attention are good but at the same time, it is very hard to live up to the expectations. They burden me a completely but at the same time push me to do better.