Anupama looks at tougher roles

Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 18:00

Anupama Parameswaran is happy to have played a "mature" role in a racy thriller like 'Rakshasudu'.  Ahead of the film's release on August 2, the actress talks about what pulled her towards the remake, working with Bellamkonda Sreenivas; reprising Nivetha in the Tamil remake of 'Ninnu Kori' and more.

What made you go in for 'Rakshasudu'?

Firstly, it's a content-based film.  It's not a regular commercial movie although it has those fun elements as well.  I liked the Tamil original, 'Ratsasan'.  And I am glad that director Ramesh Varma has retained the flavour of the original.  Many things have been been left untouched so that the flavour doesn't get spoiled.  

Secondly, I also liked my role.  Some characters have to be played.  Wearing a saree as a school teacher in the film was easy for me.  I have been habituated to doing it right since when I was in Class V.  I would give many stage shows in the saree!

Are you afraid of being compared to Amala Paul's performance in the original?

Comparisons are inevitable.  I like Amala a lot, especially her knack for expressing with eyes.  Since such a choosy actress did the role, you can imagine how well-written it is.  As comparisons go, I am taking up a huge challenge soon.  I will be reprising the role played by the talented Nivetha Thomas in the Tamil remake of 'Ninnu Kori'.  It's just a co-incidence that I am doing two remakes at a time.  While doing 'Rakshasudu', I have not tried to imitate Amala but only retained the emotions of her character.

How was it working with the hero and the director?

Sreenivas is just 26 and we both belong to the same league.  He likes to give the best every time.  It was fun working with a sweet person like Ramesh Varma (director).

You have been linked to pacer Jasprit Bumrah time and again.  Would you like to put an end to the rumours once and for all?

I don't want to talk about it at all.  I have no comments to make.  I wouldn't say anything more than this.

We heard that you have worked as an assistant director for a Malayalam movie.  Why did you do it?

I want to know the craft better.  As an AD, one gets to know what goes behind the scenes, how many people work hard to orchestrate a shot.  It gave a lot of work satisfaction and put me in a zone where I was not an actress donning the greasepaint.  Because I stopped sporting make-up, I have become two shades darker!  Once I start shooting for my new film later this month, I will once again be back to glamour.

You have slowed down in Telugu.  Why so?

It was not a conscious decision to slow down after 'Hello Guru Prema Kosame'.  The scripts that I heard after that film didn't impress me much. I am currently in talks for two Telugu films.  They will be announced by the respective makers.  I am looking forward to doing my next Tamil film as of now.

Do you think you have played all that you wanted to play so far?

I want to play really challenging roles.  I feel films like 'Fidaa' and 'Mahanati' are the ones.  Wish I had got to play the role essayed by Sai Pallavi in the former.  I feel a bit sad for having missed out on 'Rangasthalam'.  While I want to play far tougher roles than what I am playing now, I am happy to be getting good scripts.