Chi La Sow will change my career: Sushanth

Monday, July 30, 2018 - 17:30

Sushanth starrer Chi La Sow will come to theatres this weekend. The actor tells us why he is doing this film and that he is ready to take risks.

How did Chi La Sow happen?

Yes, it was. Things were not working and back of my mind, there was a feeling that I should do films which are light and suit the mentalities of today's generation. I made up my mind that I should try out something new and once Rahul narrated me Chi La Sow, there was no looking back.

What kind of support did you get from Annapurna studios?

When Rahul was narrating me the script, the first thought was that I should not involve my family and do this film on my own. We faced so many troubles to find a producer. After three months, one of my close friends set things up. Only when Nagarjuna garu saw the film, Annapurna got involved. They liked it and the rest is history now.

About your trust factor in Rahul Ravindran?

Chi La Sow was Rahul's first film. He gave me a two-hour narration and I loved the script. Even though he did not work as an assistant director before, he has done many films as an actor. Working with new directors was nothing new to me and Rahul made this film on a sensible note.

Response from your family?

My mom is very happy after seeing the film. Nagarjuna garu is very proud that I am taking risks in my career now and feels that it is the way to go ahead in life. All my friends are waiting for this film which I am dying to show them all this Friday.

What's new about Chi La Sow?

The film happens in just 24 hours and kicks off with a Pelli Choopulu scene. Generally, girls are pressurized when it comes to marriage but times have changed and boys are in tension now. We have balanced this nicely and shown it in an entertaining way. Ruhani Sharma will be seen in an adorable role and both our roles will run the film.

Do you think doing a soft film will work for you?

I am very confident as Chi La Sow will surely change my career in a positive way. This is like a new lease of life for me and from now on, I will only do films which I feel are sensible and will allow me to take risks in my career. 

Any pressure of competition from Goodachari?

Not at all. Our close friends are making that film and as it is of a different genre, there will be enough choice for the audience. I hope that both the films do well and bring good name to everyone involved.