Garuda Vega will change my life: Rajasekhar

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 17:30

'Garuda Vega', the fast-paced action thriller that has been made at a cost of about Rs. 30 Cr, will arrive on Nov 3.  In this interview, its seasoned hero, Rajasekhar, talks about his role in the movie, why 'GV' is an action film with a difference, why director Praveen Sattaru belongs to a league of his own, why he has been going through mental agony for the past few days, and more.  

Hollywood elements, Indian sensibilities:

I had hailed 'Gaddam Gang' and 'Mahankali' before their release.  In the end, they turned out to be flops.  In the case of 'GV', which is a huge film in terms of scale, let it do the talking after Nov 3.  I have seen the first copy and have fallen in love with it.  

Fifteen years back, I used to ask my producers to come up with a 'Bourne Identity, a 'Die Hard' or a 'Lethal Weapon' for me.  They couldn't dare.  It's my sheer fortune that Praveen Sattaru has written a script like 'GV' for me. 

I am proud of it:

I was surprised that so many media people were asking Praveen this question first: 'Why did you make this film with a yesteryear hero like Rajasekhar?'  Does it mean my era is over?  Whenever my director says that he can't imagine anybody else as this film's hero, I feel very proud.  This is my comeback film.

From low to high phase:

I had been down for many years.  I was looking for even villainous roles.  But I was offered only uninspiring roles.  It has been my interest to play the villain in the films of Chiranjeevi garu, Ram Charan and the likes.  But not every role is written like the way Arvind Swamy's role in 'Dhruva' is written.  When 'GV' came my way, it's like luck came back to me.  

Four pillars of 'GV':

My father, whose friend's son has produced this movie, my producer (Koteswar Raju garu), my wife Jeevitha, and my director are the 'aa naluguru' of this movie.  

Once Praveen Sattaru completed the narration, I was stunned by the story.  I asked him about the estimated budget.  He said it might take Rs. 7-8 Cr.  I was not ready to invest more than Rs. 4-5 Cr.  Upon my father's advise, I went to Chennai to meet Raju garu.  He too couldn't invest more than Rs. 5 Cr initially.  But when he started seeing the conviction in the director, he spoke to his friends and eventually invested Rs. 30 Cr. 

A director like no other:

I have worked with many senior directors, all of whom would make improvements to the script while a scene is being shot.  But Praveen never did it. Not a single line was changed.  He has a pucca plan about everything.  

He even looked after the film's business.  It's great that despite the enormity of the scale, 'GV' could be shot in 93 days.  

A stent was put in my heart:

I had to undergo physical training before shooting for this movie.  I had promised my director that I will be in my elements, the way I was seen in 'Prathighatana' and 'Vande Mataram'.  After the rigorous training, I had a health problem.  I was admitted in Chennai's Apollo.  A stent was placed in my left artery.  Even though I was advised not to join the shoot for 30 days, I did it in 10 days.  

Was on cloud nine, but…

I was on cloud nine when, in just five days, the Teaser got 5 million views.  My mother was wishing to watch the movie.  Unfortunately, my mother passed away the very next day.  She had been worried that I might lose my properties like Savitri in the last days.  I had promised her that I won't be doing movies on my own.  

Chiranjeevi's compliment:

I called Chiranjeevi garu yesterday.  He was talking about how he liked the trailer of 'GV'.  I am glad.  

Subtle acting:

Unlike in 'Ankusham' and the like, the NIA officer that I am playing in 'GV' is understated.  He doesn't emote dramatically.

- Interview by Venugopal L