I agree with reviews: Sharwanand

Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 17:15

Sharwanand is frank when he says that 'Ranarangam' has got a thin story.  That said, the actor adds that the audience have embraced the film.  In this interview, catch him honestly say that the reviews have been negative.  

How has the response been to the movie?
The audience are fine with what we have offered.  We showed everything that is to be expected from the movie in the trailer itself.  We made it clear that violence is only to be expected.  The collections, so far, are encouraging.  

The reviews haven't been good.  What do you think is the reason?
I have to brood over it.  I thought that film critics will endorse the screenplay and the stylized narration.  But they haven't.  I myself am in agreement with several of the reviews.  Some things have definitely backfired, I must say.  I knew the story is thin even when I accepted the movie.  That's why we highlighted the fact that the film is a screenplay-oriented one in pre-release promotions.  

Besides the screenplay, what made you want to work with Sudheer Varma?
The two shades of my character.  The variations are cool, playing them has given me immense satisfaction.  I referred to some of the mannerisms of Chiranjeevi garu for the youngster's role.  

The hero is unethical, for he is a smuggler.  Why doesn't the film justify his actions?
That's the idea of the story.  There is no flashback that explains why Deva does those things.  I feel this has backfired to an extent.

Would you say that 'Ranarangam' was chosen by you instinctively?
I choose my films that way.  The difference with this film is that I chose it knowing well that its story is not strong.  I went for it purely because I loved the screenplay, the genre.

Do you think the negative reviews have affected the business?
If the reviews had been positive, the BO collections might have been better off.  As I said, there is no connection between critics' response and the audience's tastes in the case of 'Ranarangam'.  Those I know have urged me to keep doing films like this one.  As for who is right, the coming days will make it clear.  The collections of my film will decide it.

Are you going to give a chance to a screenplay-based movie in future?
I am open to all genres.  For example, 'Srikaram' has a very good story.  I did 'Shatamanam Bhavati' and then went on to do a comedy like 'Mahanubhavudu'.  From the time of 'Prasthanam', I have tried a range of genres.