I am neither happy nor unhappy with career: Ram

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 13:30

'Hello Guru Prema Kosame' featuring Ram and Anupama is directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. The film is written by Bejawada Prasanna Kumar, who also wrote scripts for Trinadha Rao's previous hits like 'Cinema Choopista Maava' and 'Nenu Local'. As the film is gearing up for release, the film's lead actor Ram speaks to the media.

There is a rumor that writer Prasanna has directed the film....

Even I have heard that rumor and it is not true. As Prasanna has written the script, he was available on sets all the time and even narrated the scenes to the actors. Trinadh Rao the director is very cool about it as they share a good vibe with Prasanna.

What's new about this film?

The story is simple but the manner in which it has been treated is very new. The emotions or family angle that is shown in the second half is where the real kick is. This was the point that attracted me to the project.

Dil Raju said that there will be comedy close to one hour runtime. Is that true?

Yes. But the film does not have forced comedy by having so many comedians. The fun generated is situational and will keep you hooked.

How are you dealing with your failures?

I have my own set of rules to handle such situations and do it on my own. I generally go to a foreign country after the release of my movies irrespective of their result. I only do films which I like and that is the reason I am very slow in picking my projects.

When will you stop picking up cliched stories?

Most of my hits have been love stories. That is the reason young directors come to me with similar kind of scripts. I don't have much of a choice and have to choose from what I get. I reject close to 60 scripts a month to find good ones. Sometimes it is not in my hands.

Are you happy with your career so far?

Yes and no. Even I want to break out from the mould of commercial cinema and try different things. Many of my fans have been asking me this and I have decided to do things in that way. Let's see whether it works for me or not.

Is your uncle (producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore) still listening to your scripts?

Yes, he does. What's wrong in that? Being a family member and such a senior member in the industry, there is nothing wrong in him helping me out. He has a very good taste and his suggestion is very important for me.

Did you sign any new films?

As of now, I have no films in hand. The projects with Puri Jagan, Ajay Bhupathi and several others are just in the scripting stages. I will very soon announce a project whenever when we lock the script.